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Advantages of Aluminum Foil Containers Trays

DATE: 23 Dec,2021
In recent years, aluminum foil containers trays are becoming more and more popular in restaurants and hotels. According to the shape and use, aluminum foil containers trays can be divided into rectangle container series, airline container series, turkey pan and BBQ pan series, round container series, baking tray series, etc.

Why aluminum foil containers are more and more popular? Of course because of their advantages. What are the advantages of aluminum foil containers trays?
Firstly, aluminum foil containers trays are made of eco-friendly materials. They are recyclable aluminum foil materials, can solve the problem of white pollution such as the difficulty of melting disposable plastics.

Secondly, aluminum foil containers trays are convenient and hygienic, suitable for a variety of cooking methods, can hold a variety of types of food. No need to bother to change any container from the refrigerator to the oven. No peculiar smell, no leakage. Good thermal conductivity and heating effect, widely used in ovens, steamers and microwave ovens, and can also be directly heated in the original packaging.

Thirdly, aluminum foil containers trays are cost-saving. The aluminum foil containers are light in weight, not only convenient to take away, but also reasonable in price.

Lastly, aluminum foil containers trays have a wide range of uses: baking, air catering, takeaway delivery, picnics, cooked food, pastry, fast food, barbecue, cakes, moon cakes and other food industry packaging and family gatherings.
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