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Heavy Duty Aluminium Foil 100m

DATE: 27 May,2024
From covering leftovers to wrapping gifts, aluminum foil has a multitude of applications in our everyday life. Zhengzhou Eming Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd specialized in manufacturing various household aluminium foil, such as standard aluminum foil, heavy duty aluminium foil, and extra heavy duty aluminum foil. Among them, heavy duty aluminium foil 100m is particularly famous. Heavy duty aluminium foil 100m, available in the following sizes:
Item Rolls/Carton
Aluminium Foil 100M × 30CM × 12 μm 6
Aluminium Foil 100M × 45CM × 12 μm 6
Aluminium Foil 100M × 29CM × 14 μm 6
Aluminium Foil 100M × 44CM × 14 μm 6

Uses of Heavy Duty Aluminium Foil

1. Food packaging Heavy duty aluminum foil is one of the common food packaging materials. In supermarkets and vegetable markets, we can often see many foods packaged in aluminum foil. Aluminum foil can effectively protect food from external contamination and oxidation, extending the shelf life of food. In addition, household aluminum foil can also be used for refrigerator preservation. Wrapping leftover food and fruits in aluminum foil can maintain freshness and moisture and reduce waste.

2. Cooking Heavy duty aluminum foil can also be used during cooking. Aluminum foil can separate food from the heat source, making it less likely that food will burn to the bottom. At the same time, when grilling meat and fish, we often wrap ingredients in aluminum foil to make the ingredients more flavorful and keep them moist.

3. Insulation Heavy duty aluminum foil has very low thermal conductivity and works well at retaining heat. In winter, we can stick aluminum foil to one side of the furniture, which can effectively prevent the exchange of cold air between the furniture and the ground, making the room warmer and more comfortable.

4. Cleaning Heavy duty aluminum foil can also be used as a cleaning tool. If there are stains and oil stains on the pot that are difficult to clean, we can roll the aluminum foil into small balls and gently wipe the bottom and walls of the pot to remove the stains quickly and effectively.

To sum up, heavy duty aluminium foil 100m has a wide range of applications in daily life. It can not only be used for food packaging, cooking and heat preservation, but also for cleaning. You need to pay attention to safety when using heavy duty aluminum foil. Do not expose aluminum foil to high temperature environments to avoid fire hazards.

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