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Aluminum Foil Sheet

DATE: 07 Nov,2022
Aluminum foil sheet conveniently dispenses one at a time. It is great for wrapping food. Withstands high heat and extreme cold, perfect for grilling and freezing. Minimize cleaning and ensure food stays fresh.

Some common size of aluminum foil sheet:
Size Sheets/Box Boxes/Carton Boxes/20GP Cartons/20GP
12"X10.75" 200 12 11280 940
12"X10.75" 500 6 5640 940
9"X10.75" 200 12 14880 1240
9"X10.75" 500 6 7440 1240
5"X10.75" 500 12 12480 1040

Why choose Zhengzhou Eming Aluminum Foil Company?

1. 10+ years experience in the production and sales of aluminum foil products.

2. Strict quality control system, from supplier evaluation, incoming quality control, process inspection, finished product inspection to outgoing quality control. SGS international certification.

3. The senior technical team with advanced technology can customize high-quality product solutions according to customer conditions.

4. Good service We have a professional team to cooperate with you, including order inquiry, design, tracking production, delivery and customer feedback. 
Zhengzhou Eming Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional aluminum foil manufacturer and supplier in China, can supply various aluminum foil products for sale.
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