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What can Recycled Aluminum Foil be Used for?

DATE: 15 Dec,2021
Because of its durability, aluminum foil can be used several times before it is discarded. However, many of us do not reuse the foil and do not even know that it can be recycled.

People use aluminium foil for several purposes, such as covering a dish, as cover for pie crust or lasagna, etc. But the foil is hardly reused. You would be surprised to know that after washing the foil sheet, you can use it again. What can recycled aluminum foil be used for?

Firstly, recycled aluminum foil can deter garden pests.
If you put collars of the foil around a plant’s base or hand it in strips in your garden, it will help keep the birds, insects, and other animals away. All you have to do is wrap a foil strip around the plant’s base stem to prevent insects from crawling up. Another way is to use the foil to create a barrier between any cracks or crevices in your door, walls, or near the windows. This would discourage the insects and rodents from entering your house.

Secondly, recycled aluminum foil can be made toys.
If you have kids in your house, you can challenge the little ones to shape and then re-shape the foil to make it into metallic toys, such as robots, sailor hats, balls, spaceships, hot rods, etc. This will not only support reusing the foil but also force your child to use their imagination and create unusual toys for themselves. What’s more is that the toy can be reshaped and made into another one.

Thirdly, recycled aluminum foil can be used as scrubber.
If you have dirty pans, pots, drills, or oven doors. you can clean them all using aluminium foil. How? Simply compress it, add baking soda to it, and then use it for cleaning. A bonus point is that it will also remove rust from chrome and steel.

Fourthly, recycled aluminum foil can be used for ironing.
For improved ironing and flattening those adamant wrinkles, all you have to do is place a foil sheet under the ironing board cover. The foil reflects the iron’s temperature, heating the cloth from the bottom, and removing the wrinkles more effectively.
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