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Square Foil Trays Supplier

DATE: 20 Feb,2024

As a leading square foil trays supplier, Zhengzhou Eming Aluminium Industry can manufacture small and large square tin foil trays with lids for sale, including 7 inch square foil trays, 8 inch square foil tray and 9 inch square foil pans. Factory direct sale, free samples available. Besides, OEM & ODM acceptable.

Square Foil Trays with Lids


Top Out Size: 160mm × 160mm × 40mm

Top In Size: 117mm × 117mm × 30mm

Capacity: 450ml

Packing: 1000 pcs/ctn

Weight: 7.0g

Square Foil Pan


Top Out Size: 220mm × 220mm × 42mm

Top In Size: 200mm × 200mm × 39mm

Capacity: 1500ml

Packing: 600 pcs/ctn

Weight: 16.5g


7 Inch Square Foil Trays


Top Out Size: 180mm × 170mm × 55mm

Top In Size: 150mm × 148mm × 50mm

Capacity: 1000ml

Packing: 1000 pcs/ctn

Weight: 11.0g

8 Inch Square Foil Tray


Top Out Size: 205mm × 205mm × 42mm

Top In Size: 190mm × 190mm × 39mm

Capacity: 1350ml

Packing: 500 pcs/ctn

Weight: 14.0g

9 Inch Square Foil Pans


Top Out Size: 230mm × 230mm × 47mm

Top In Size: 215mm × 215mm × 39mm

Capacity: 1650ml

Packing: 500 pcs/ctn

Weight: 19.0g

The above are square foil pans with lids we can provide, if you have special sizes, tell us by WhatsApp +86 199 1388 9786 or, we can customize them for you.

Zhengzhou Eming Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional aluminum foil manufacturer and supplier in China, can supply various aluminum foil products for sale.
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