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18 Inch Aluminum Foil

DATE: 10 May,2022
Aluminum foil is the most effective in preventing the loss of moisture from the food, which makes it a better choice for long-term food storage or freezing.

18 inch aluminum foil manufactured by Zhengzhou Eming Aluminium Industry has a high level of puncture- and tear-resistance, it is great for covering and transporting stainless steel steam table pans and full-size foil steam table pans. Moreover, it's perfect for covering your grill grates to prevent sticking and burning!

Serving as an excellent multi-purpose solution in the kitchen, 18 inch heavy duty aluminum foil roll can be used for anything from covering foods pans to lining ovens. With its convenient packaging and easy-to-use blade, this aluminum foil is the perfect addition to your busy commercial kitchen!

Packaged in a convenient cutter-box dispenser, 18" aluminum foil is perfect for commercial kitchen use. Quickly and easily pull out the desired amount of foil and tear it off by gently pulling down across the teeth of the blade. Make daily prep and cleanup a breeze for your kitchen staff with this food service standard aluminum foil roll!

This foil comes in a 1000' long roll allowing you to choose the exact amount of foil needed for your task to reduce overall waste. More versatile than aluminum foil sold in pre-cut sheets, you can stock this aluminum foil roll so you're never without it when you need it most.

18 inches x 1000 feet aluminum foil roll is an ideal size for use in a restaurant's kitchen. 18" heavy duty aluminum foil is perfect for use in the oven. With a 1000 feet of foil, you will be able to use one roll for a long time, reducing time spent finding another roll to use. The longer the roll, the more you save per foot.

Can 18" heavy duty aluminum foil be used on the grill? Yes, of course. A barbeque is made easier and more convenient with 18" heavy duty aluminum foil. You can use the foil to wrap it around the grate grill to keep all of the sticky fats from adhering to the metal. This comes in handy, mainly when it's time to clean things up. Take the foil off the grill, toss it in the trash after you're done. It is an option to wrap up meats and veggies that have already finished cooking to keep them warm before eating.
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