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Where to Buy Extra Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil?

DATE: 09 May,2022
Where to buy extra heavy duty aluminum foil? It is the most common problem plaguing aluminum foil wholesalers.
Now let's first figure out what is extra heavy duty aluminum foil. Extra heavy duty aluminum foil has a thickness between 0.011mm and 0.016mm. This level of thickness allows for superior quality and sustained durability.

Extra heavy duty aluminum foil is harder and has an excellent tear resistance that works well for extra heavy duty usage.
Item Size Pack Carton Size
12" Aluminum Foil 300mm x 60m 24 Rolls 37.5x25x34cm
12" Aluminum Foil 300mm x 100m 12 Rolls 36x30x22.5cm
12" Aluminum Foil 300mm x 120m 6 Rolls 36x23x15.5cm
12" Aluminum Foil 300mm x 150m 6 Rolls 36x23.6x16cm
12" Aluminum Foil 300mm x 200m 4 Rolls 37x19.5x20cm
12" Aluminum Foil 300mm x 300m 4 Rolls 37x21.5x22cm
18" Aluminum Foil 450mm x 60m 24 Rolls 37.5x25x49cm
18" Aluminum Foil 450mm x 100m 12 Rolls 51x30x22.5cm
18" Aluminum Foil 450mm x 120m 6 Rolls 51x23x15.5cm
18" Aluminum Foil 450mm x 150m 6 Rolls 51x23.5x16cm
18" Aluminum Foil 450mm x 200m 4 Rolls 51x19.5x19.5cm
18" Aluminum Foil 450mm x 300m 4 Rolls 51x21.5x21.5cm
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