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Curl Hair With Aluminum Foil Paper

DATE: 04 Jan,2022
Aluminum foil has a wide range of uses. It is something that everyone has in the kitchen. It is found in houses, gardens and even around bonfires.

In addition to improving ironing, removing static electricity from clothes dryers, polishing silverware and jewelry, and making cleaning easier, aluminum foil has another important use, especially for girls, that is, aluminum foil can be used to curl hair stand up.
If you need to curl your hair and you only have a hair straightener, don't be afraid. You only need some aluminum foil. Simply divide your hair into half-inch (1.3 cm) strands, roll up from the end, and wrap the curls with some aluminum foil. Hold the foil with a hot straightening iron for a few seconds, and then remove the foil. That's it, you can have beautiful curly hair.

In addition, aluminum foil can also be used for perming, dyeing, etc.

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