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Half Size Aluminum Steam Table Pan

DATE: 18 Oct,2022
Half size aluminum steam table pan is great for cooking, storing, serving pastas, BBQ meats, fresh salads, casseroles and serving all your entrees, sides, appetizers, and desserts. These single-use half size aluminum foil steam table pans can do it all: prepare, heat, refrigerate, transport and serve.

Name: Half Size Aluminum Steam Table Pan
Material Type: Aluminum
Color: Silver
Capacity: 120 oz (3500 ml)
Dimensions: 11.75 X 9.375 X 2.562 IN
Packing: 100 PCS

 This versatile pan is perfect for banquets and events of any size. It provides unparalleled temperature retention and can hold up to 120 fl.

The aluminum foil containers are durable and grease- and moisture-resistant, making them ideal for multiple uses. Paired with our aluminum foil covers, these catering lids help lock in heat, moisture, and flavor. 

Zhengzhou Eming Aluminium Industry is the leading supplier of steam table aluminum foil pans to the food service industry. Their food warmer trays combine strength, durability, and the economic value of aluminum foil that is perfect for catering banquets and events of any size. Whether you’re cooking, storing, or serving, these aluminum foil steam food trays are perfect for serving everything from heavy meats and lasagna to mashed potatoes and salads. Most importantly, they are economical and recyclable.
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