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200 SQ FT Aluminum Foil

DATE: 19 Oct,2022
Aluminum foil is widely used in food packaging, beverages, cigarettes, medicines and so on. Zhengzhou Eming Aluminum Foil Company mainly manufacture household aluminum foil roll, and the common sizes are 200 sq ft, 75 sq ft, 37.5 sq ft and 25 sq ft. Among them, 200 sq ft aluminum foil is the most popular size.

Name: 200 SQ FT Aluminum Foil
Size: 60.9m*30cm*15mic
Packing: 12 PCS per Carton
MOQ: 500 Cartons

Aluminum foil paper can effectively block the amount of heat, moisture, air and light.  

Generally, aluminum foil paper can be used for lining baking pans, make it easy clean-up. It can also used to freeze meats, help prevent frost and freezer burn better than freezer bags.

Besides, aluminum foil are used in these applications:

● Lining Charcoal Grill-Keep grill clean. Line grill; puncture vent openings.

● Catching Oven Spills-Small sheet of foil on rack below baking pan catches spills.

● Lining Cookie Sheets-Keeps cookie sheet clean between batches.

● Roasting Turkey-For juicy, tender turkey without splatters.
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