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37.5 SQ FT Aluminium Foil Price

DATE: 20 Oct,2022
Due to its eco-friendly properties, 37.5 sq ft aluminium foil is widely used in modern kitchens, especially for food packaging. 37.5 sq ft household aluminium foil rolls are often used in takeaway packaging lunch boxes, barbecue, cooking, preservation, baking. 

A large number of customers are wondering how much is aluminium foil paper, especially 37.5 sq ft aluminium foil paper. Now let's see how to calculate the foil paper price:
First, calculate the weight.

Weight of aluminium foil (kg)= Length(mm)*Width(mm)*Thickness(mic)*2.7/1000000000

Secondly, calcalate the factory price.

Aluminium foil factory price($):=(Aluminium foil cost*weight+box cost+carton cost)/exchange rate

Now are you clear how to calculate aluminum foil paper price? 

Next, let's learn the advantages of aluminium foil roll:

1. Eco-friendly, recyclable.

2. Oven safe.

3. Can withstand high heat for barbecue and grill.

4. Can withstand cold for freezing.

5. Uniform thickness, heat food evenly, avoid food be burnt when barbecue, keep food fresh and juicy.

6. Can be used to refrigerate food and keep fresh.

7. Heat conduction fast, used for defrosted.

8. Good formability, can be folded into any shape.

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