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Aluminum Oblong Foil Pan with Lid

DATE: 21 Oct,2022
Aluminum oblong foil pan with lid is a very convenient way to a very convenient way of wrapping food. The foil container has a closable hem for a quick seal with the included flat cardboard lid. One side is plain white and the other is foil laminated to better keep the food in the food fresher for longer.

Cook and eat in the same pot with these oblong foil takeout containers. Whether your customers are bringing home leftovers from your restaurant or buying freshly cooked meals from your food truck, this takeout container is perfect. The foil material is durable enough to allow you to bake items and keep them all in a safe container. Additionally, this container can be used with a compatible mounting plate cover (sold separately) that fits securely over the hem to keep your food safe.

Aluminum Oblong Foil Pans with Lids are easy to clean and disposable. After the party, throw them away and you're done. No cleaning and storage required. Even better, you can use it to distribute food leftovers without having to retrieve your tray. Since these trays are affordable, handling them will not be a problem. In addition, environmentally friendly recyclable aluminum products are better for the environment.
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