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8 Inch Foil Pie Plates

DATE: 25 Oct,2022
8 Inch foil pie plates, also called 8" round aluminum foil pans, are perfect for sweet pies, mince pies, vegetable pies, pudding tarts and even quiches.
This disposable aluminum foil pans will add fun to your birthdays, weddings, holiday parties, celebrations for any occasion.
These 8-inch disposable aluminum foil pie pans are sturdy with 100% aluminum foil and non-stick construction. Stackable for easy storage. Heats and freezes easily. Grease-resistant aluminum does not absorb grease. These foil pie pans feature fully curled edges to aid crust formation and provide support.

Zhengzhou Eming Aluminum Foil Company provides excellent quality and bulk offers that will make your choice a no-brainer. Our aluminum pie pan with lid is designed to withstand extreme temperature ranges, from below freezing to broiler oven temperatures. Each foil pan is made with heavy duty aluminum and designed with flat rims to seal the lids.

Clear Plastic Lids snaps on tight keeping goods secure and fresh.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are going to do a crust, please plan to not have it sit fully on the rim to allow the lid to snap on tight.
Zhengzhou Eming Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional aluminum foil manufacturer and supplier in China, can supply various aluminum foil products for sale.
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