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30cm 10mic Household Aluminum Foil Sizes

DATE: 11 Feb,2022

Zhengzhou Eming Aluminium Company specializes in the production of household aluminum foil rolls, widely used for barbecue, food packaging, grilling and baking.

30cm 10mic Aluminum Foil

The thickness of household kitchen use aluminum foil from 9 micron to 25micron, width 100-600mm, length 3-300 meters. Simple packaging, color box packaging and shrink film packaging for your choice.

Here we mainly introduce sizes of 30cm 10mic household aluminum foil and how much quantities a 20-foot container and s 40-foot container can load.

Specification Color Box Size pcs/ctn Canton Size Quantity
5m×30cm×10mic 4.2×4.2×31cm 24 26.7×18.3×32.5cm 43512pcs(20'GP)
10m×30cm×10mic 4.2×4.2×31cm 24 26.7×18.3×32.5cm 43512pcs(20'GP)
5m×30cm×10mic 4.2×4.2×31cm 24 26.7×18.3×32.5cm 104400PCS(40'HQ)
10m×30cm×10mic 4.2×4.2×31cm 24 26.7×18.3×32.5cm 104400PCS(40'HQ)

If you have any questions of household aluminum foil rolls, feel free to contact us! We will try our best to help you.

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