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Aluminium Foil Manufacturers in China

DATE: 13 May,2024
Aluminum foil is an important component in various industries, with applications ranging from packaging to thermal insulation in construction, decoration and printing. They are used in everyday kitchens, commercial restaurants, the bakery industry, and even in the pharmaceutical field. Global demand for aluminum foil is booming and several manufacturers have emerged to offer these products, with China being the leader in the industry. Here are some of the well-known aluminium foil manufacturers in China who are recognized for the quality, variety and consistency of their products:

Zhengzhou Eming Aluminium Industry Zhengzhou Eming 
Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd.

Specializes in manufacturing disposable aluminum foil products:

Aluminum Foil
Aluminum Foil Container
Pop Up Foil Sheets
Baking Paper Roll
Parchment Paper Sheets

Shenzhen GYJ Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. As one of the well-renowned manufacturers, Shenzhen GYJ offers a broad range of aluminum products. They are renowned for their aluminum foils that cater to diverse sectors like food packaging, pharmaceutical industry, and industrial applications.

Trumony Aluminum Limited: Established in 2006, Trumony Aluminum Limited is a global leader in the aluminum industry with its products widely used in various sectors. Trumony's product portfolio includes a variety of aluminum foils utilized in areas like building, packing, and electronic field. Their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has led them to their favored position in the market.

Zhangjiagang Goldshine Aluminium Foil Co., Ltd.: Known for its dedication to quality and innovation, Zhangjiagang Goldshine Aluminium Foil Co., Ltd, offers a host of aluminum foil-based products. Their range extends from household foils, catering foils, to industrial foils. The company takes pride in their top-quality material, precise processing, and superior service.

Ningbo Besty Aluminum Foil Products Co., Ltd.: Founded in 2008, Ningbo Besty Aluminum Foil Products Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of household foils, pop-up foils, and aluminum foil containers. Their nearly two decades of experience contributes to their reputable advantage in the quality, quantity, and diverse usage of their products.

You can explore more options and details on websites like and for a comprehensive list of aluminium foil manufacturers in China and their products. The expansive aluminum foil industry in China continues to grow, with manufacturers ensuring they meet global standards for quality and safety. Whether you are looking for household products for day-to-day use or bulk quantities for industrial application, these manufacturers are well-positioned to deliver to your specific needs.
Zhengzhou Eming Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional aluminum foil manufacturer and supplier in China, can supply various aluminum foil products for sale.
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