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Popular Aluminum Foil Tray Sizes in Chile

DATE: 04 Dec,2023
Different aluminum tray sizes are popular in different countries and regions. As a  professional aluminum foil container manufacturer, Zhengzhou Eming Aluminium Indsutry Co., Ltd takes you to learn about the aluminum foil tray sizes in Chile. Let’s take a look at what they are!
Popular Aluminum Foil Tray Sizes in Chile 
Model Picture Specification Packing
C5 Top out size: 130mm×100mm;
Base Size: 90mm×60mm;
Max. Height: 42mm;
Capacity: 260ml;
Weight: 3g
1000 pcs/ctn
C10 Top out size: 150mm×120mm;
Base Size: 105mm×80mm;
Max. Height: 50mm;
Capacity: 450ml;
Weight: 5.7g
1000 pcs/ctn
C18 Top out size: 185mm×135mm;
Base Size: 145mm×96mm;
Max. Height: 50mm;
Capacity: 700ml;
Weight: 7g
1000 pcs/ctn
C20 Top out size: 210mm×140mm;
Base Size: 175mm×107mm;
Max. Height: 42mm;
Capacity: 800ml;
Weight: 9g
1000 pcs/ctn
C30 Top out size: 230mm×180mm;
Base Size: 195mm×137mm;
Max. Height: 43mm;
Capacity: 1000ml;
Weight: 11.5g
500 pcs/ctn
C40 Top out size: 315mm×215mm;
Base Size: 272mm×172mm;
Max. Height: 50mm;
Capacity: 2250ml;
Weight: 21g
500 pcs/ctn

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