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Aluminium Pop-up Foil Sheets Factory Price

DATE: 23 Mar,2022
Many customers from North America are wondering how to calculate aluminium pop-up foil sheets factory price. Since we are professional household aluminium foil manufacturer, let's take our MOQ 1*20GP for example:
First, calculate the weight.

Weight of aluminium pop-up foil sheets(kg)= Length(mm)*Width(mm)*Thickness(mic)*2.7/1000000000

Then, calcalate the factory price.

Aluminium pop-up foil sheets factory price($):=(Aluminium foil cost*weight+box cost+carton cost)/exchange rate

The following are specifications of 9" and 12" aluminium pop-up foil sheets according to 1*20 GP.
Size Sheets/Box Box Size Carton Size Boxes/Carton Boxes/20GP Cartons/20GP
12"X10.75" 200 320*150*45mm 335*315*290mm 12 11280 940
12"X10.75" 500 320*150*90mm 335*315*290mm 6 5640 940
9"X10.75" 200 240*150*45mm 255*315*290mm 12 14880 1240
9"X10.75" 500 240*150*90mm 255*315*290mm 6 7440 1240
5"X10.75" 500 140*150*90mm 315*295*295mm 12 12480 1040

If you still have any interest in advantages of aluminium pop-up foil sheet, feel free to contact us.
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