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Heavy Duty Foil 70m Price

DATE: 29 Mar,2022
Heavy duty aluminium catering foil are usually used for economical households, restaurants, large hotels, industrial kitchens, catering or food service companies. Among them, heavy duty foil 70m price comes in a box with a serrated cutting edge for easy tearing, which is great for cooking in the oven and using on the braai. 1 x 440mm x 70m and 1 x 290mm x 70m a roll per box are the most common specification.

Heavy duty foil 70m price often comes in a sturdy dispenser box with serrated edges to assist in cutting the foil to desired length as the following picture.
Heavy duty catering foil is used for packaging or in cooking. Catering foil is very malleable and can, therefore, be easily folded, rolled, or packed; as tin foil acts as a protector against light and oxygen, odors, moistness, and germs.
Specification Box Size Rolls/Carton Cartons/20GP Rolls/20GP Cartons/40HQ
70m×440mm×12mic 7×7×47cm 12 840 10080 2080
70m×290mm×12mic 7×7×32cm 12 1215 14580 3020
Since we are household aluminium foil manufacturer, our MOQ of heavy duty foil 70m price is 1*20GP. We only wholesale, not retail.
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