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Heavy Duty Catering Aluminum Foil Wholesale

DATE: 07 Feb,2022
Heavy duty catering foil is widely used in food cooking, refrigeration, packaging, storage, etc. Because of its easy handling and recycling, it is widely welcomed by the catering industry and ordinary people.

Key Features and Benefits of Heavy Duty Catering Foil:
1. High temperature resistance, will not affect food characteristics, retain food nutrients
2. Wrappable foods do not require further sealing
3. Does not affect the taste and smell of food
4. High temperature production, no bacterial growth
5. Grease, oil, water, and other liquids will not be absorbed
6. Ease of recycling is good for the environment

Specification of Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil:
Length: 3-300 meters
Width: 100-600 mm (250mm, 300mm and 450mm are common)
Thickness: 9-24 microns
Packaging: color box, shrink, bubble paper, etc.

Detailed Info of Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil for Catering Wholesale:
Size Pack Carton Size Cube
300mm x 60m 24 Rolls 37.5x25x34cm 0.032cbm
300mm x 100m 12 Rolls 36x30x22.5cm 0.024cbm
300mm x 120m 6 Rolls 36x23x15.5cm 0.013cbm
300mm x 150m 6 Rolls 36x23.6x16cm 0.014cbm
300mm x 200m 4 Rolls 37x19.5x20cm 0.014cbm
300mm x 300m 4 Rolls 37x21.5x22cm 0.018cbm
450mm x 60m 24 Rolls 37.5x25x49cm 0.046cbm
450mm x 100m 12 Rolls 51x30x22.5cm 0.034cbm
450mm x 120m 6 Rolls 51x23x15.5cm 0.018cbm
450mm x 150m 6 Rolls 51x23.5x16cm 0.019cbm
450mm x 200m 4 Rolls 51x19.5x19.5cm 0.019cbm
450mm x 300m 4 Rolls 51x21.5x21.5cm 0.024cbm
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