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Popular Hair Salon Aluminium Foil in Israel

DATE: 08 Feb,2022
Hair salon aluminium foil is popular in Middle East Countries, especially inIsrael because of its features & advantages.

Main Features and Advantages of Hair Salon Aluminium Foil:

1. Suitable for hair bleaching and dyeing in various hairdressing industries;

2. Perfect color, no fading, bright and even;

3. Strong soft elastic thin material;

4. Can be made into rolls or sheets;

5. Can be embossed or printed in various forms and colors;

6. Anti-leakage, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance;

7. Environmentally friendly, easy to recycle.

Specification of common hair salon aluminium foil rolls:
Specification Rolls/Carton Volume (m³)
7mx9.5cmx20mic 36 0.026
48mx9.5cmx15mic 12 0.032
50mx12cmx15mic 12 0.032
60mx12cmx16mic 12 0.045
100mx11cmx18mic 6 0.057
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