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Diamond Foil Paper Wholesale

DATE: 16 Mar,2022
Many customers from Asia countries want to wholesale diamond aluminum foil paper from China because of high quality and competitive price. Why? Let's see the reasons:

First, uses of diamond foil paper.

Diamond foil paper is mainly used for wrapping food in our daily life. As a package for fast food and takeaway aluminum foil containers, diamond foil paper can keep food fragrant and fresh. Wrap food in diamond foil paper to avoid direct contact of charcoal dust with food, food is more hygienic and healthy.

Diamond foil paper can bake cakes, roasts, etc. directly in the oven, so that the food is heated evenly and the color is better.

Wrap fruit and refrigerated food with diamond foil paper can retain moisture and taste, keeping food fresher.

Diamond foil paper can also prevent food from getting wet and effectively relieve food spoilage.

Second, sizes of aluminum foil paper. Some common sizes of diamond foil paper are as follows:
25 sq ft 25′×12"(7.62m×300mm) 48 15000
37.5 sq ft 25′×18"(7.62m×450mm) 48 15000
50 sq ft 50′×12" (15.2m×300mm) 36 12000
75 sq ft 50′×18"(15.2m×450mm) 36 12000
100 sq ft 100′×12"(30m×300mm) 24 10000
150 sq ft 100′×18"(30m×450mm) 24 10000
200 sq ft 200′×12"(60m×300mm) 12 8000
300 sq ft 200′×18"(60m×450mm) 12 8000
500 sq ft 500′×12"(150m×300mm) 6 6000
750 sq ft 500′×18"(150m×450mm) 6 6000
1000 sq ft 1000′×12"(300m×300mm) 4 5000
1500 sq ft 1000′×18"(300m×450mm) 4 5000
Third, there are a number of household aluminum foil manufacturers and suppliers in China, and they can provide good quality diamond foil paper at wholesale price.
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