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18 Micron Aluminium Foil

DATE: 12 Dec,2023
Zhengzhou Eming AluminIum Foil Company manufactures standard household aluminum foil from 9 microns to 25 microns. Among them, 18 micron aluminium foil is particularly popular.

18 micron aluminum foil is widely used in food packaging, such as cooking, freezing, preservation, baking and other industries and the hairdressing industry. This disposable aluminum foil paper is easy to use, safe, hygienic, odorless and does not leak.

Let's take a look at the different sizes and packaging methods of 18 micron aluminium foil:
18 Micron Aluminium Foil for Food Packaging
Size Packing Box Size
50m×30cm 12 Rolls/Carton 7×7×33cm
75m×30cm 6 Rolls/Carton 8×8×35cm
75m×45cm 6 Rolls/Carton 8×8×49cm
100m×30cm 6 Rolls/Carton 9×9×35cm
100m×45cm 6 Rolls/Carton 9×9×49cm
150m×30cm 6 Rolls/Carton 11×11×35cm
150m×45cm 6 Rolls/Carton 11×11×49cm
300m×30cm 4 Rolls/Carton 15×15×35cm
300m×45cm 4 Rolls/Carton 15×15×49cm

Durable extra heavy duty 18 micron aluminium foil roll wrap in a reinforced corrugated cutter box, improved dispensing pack with superior cutting blade. Great for restaurants, infomercial kitchens, take outs, schools, delis, catering,and home use.
18 Micron Aluminium Foil for Hairdressing
Size Packing Cube/Carton
30m×12cm 24 Rolls/Carton 0.01m³
30m×15cm 24 Rolls/Carton 0.01m³
50m×15cm 24 Rolls/Carton 0.02m³
60m×15cm 24 Rolls/Carton 0.02m³
100m×12cm 12 Rolls/Carton 0.01m³
100m×15cm 12 Rolls/Carton 0.01m³

18 micron aluminum foil is made of high-quality aluminium material, super strong, tear-resistant and convenient, making it ideal for use in salons and by professional hairdressers or stylists providing lightening and coloring treatments.
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