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Common Aluminum Foil Packaging & Aluminum Foil Composite Packaging

DATE: 17 Dec,2021
Aluminum foil is soft and has excellent sealing and barrier properties. In modern packaging, almost all products that require strict opacity and high barrier are packaged in aluminum foil composite materials. So what are the common aluminum foil packaging & aluminum foil composite packaging in life?
1. Aluminum-plastic composite cans are not only suitable for engine oil, but also high-quality packaging materials for frozen foods and crispy foods. It is compounded by aluminum foil, plastic film, and kraft paperboard, which is non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting, and can be recycled and reused.

2. Aluminum-plastic composite film is widely used in food, chemicals, military supplies packaging and other fields. The milk and this kind of aseptic package mentioned above are made of aluminum foil and high-strength, heat-seal-able plastic film. It is compounded with barrier, mechanical and heat sealing properties.

3. Aluminum-plastic composite hose. Aluminum-plastic composite hose is mainly used for the packaging of paste and dew products, such as toothpaste, cosmetics, etc. It has the advantages of good insulation, not easy to break, clean and beautiful.

4. Wine packaging. The aluminum foil on the wine bottle is the wrinkled thin wine seal that wraps the neck and mouth of the bottle. Because aluminum foil has good ductility, tensile performance and easy printing characteristics, in recent years, with the requirements of beer hygiene standards, aluminum foil wine seals have gradually been widely used in bottleneck and bottle-mouth sealing packaging of beer, fruit wine and high-grade soy sauce.

5. Medicinal foil. Generally speaking, medical packaging aluminum foil mainly includes liquids, easy-open caps for injections, and medicinal PTP aluminum foil (sealing materials sealed on plastic hard sheets), which are non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, impermeable, heat-resistant, moisture-proof, The advantages of light blocking, high temperature sterilization, etc. In addition, PTP aluminum foil is moisture-proof, easy to carry, safe and sanitary, and is widely used in the international pharmaceutical industry.

6. Household aluminum foil. Household aluminum foil can be regarded as a must-have package for home travel. It can be used to wrap food at home and put it in a microwave for heating, or it can be used for camping and barbecue when traveling. Because household aluminum foil can be steamed and roasted directly on the fire, the inside and outside of the food will be evenly heated so as not to be charred, and the original flavor and beautiful luster of the food can be maintained. It is suitable for cooking, freezing, wrapping, baking and other functions.
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