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Standard Aluminum Foil 250 sq. ft.

DATE: 29 Jan,2024
Zhengzhou Eming Aluminium Foil Company provides different sizes of aluminum foil rolls, among them, standard aluminum foil 250 sq. ft., measuring 250 feet long by 12 inches wide.

Standard aluminum foil 250 sq. ft. can be used to wrap food to help keep it fresh and help prevent freezer burn, line pans before cooking for easy cleanup, and cover bowls to help keep food moist and prevent splatters.

The standard cutting edges built into the roll foil boxes allow you to evenly cut perfectly sized pieces of foil to the size you need for your storage containers, pans, sandwiches and leftover portions without tearing.
reynolds wrap standard aluminum foil 250 sq ft
Standard Aluminum Foil 250 sq. ft. (23.22㎡)
Specification Packing CBM/Carton
83.33 YDS. × 12 IN.
76.2m × 304mm
6 Rolls/Carton 0.012

With the ability to stand up to high heat, standard aluminum foil 250 sq. ft. helps meat stay tender during slow cooking and braising, and lets you quickly make tin foil packets to infuse side dishes with herbs and spices.

This standard tin foil handles extreme cold and extreme heat, making it a versatile addition to your culinary toolbox. Keep your kitchen clean by covering pans to stop splatters in your oven and on your stovetop. Aluminum foil wrap is ideal for Thanksgiving and Christmas meal preparation. Use this aluminum foil for baking to tent your family feasts of turkey, ham and roasts and treat everyone to the moist, juicy flavor of perfectly roasted meat. Then wrap up the leftovers in aluminum foil to share the love.
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