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Aluminum Foil Paper in the Oven

DATE: 13 Jan,2022
Most aluminum foil paper are shiny on one side and matte on the other. Food grade aluminum foil paper can wrap food on both sides, and wrap it with a bright side to improve heat conduction. Many people are wondering if aluminum foil paper can be put in the oven. Of course. So, what is the role of aluminum foil paper when it is used for barbecue?
1. Aluminum foil paper can prevent food from sticking to the baking pan.

2. Aluminum foil paper is to prevent food from sticking to dirty things.

3. Because of aluminum foil paper, it is convenient to brush the baking pan.

4. Some foods have seasonings and fillings when they are baked, and wrap them in aluminum foil paper for fear of being scattered.

5. It is to prevent moisture loss and keep fresh and tender.

When baking food in an electric oven, aluminum foil paper can be used. But not all baking recipes require aluminum foil paper, usually when baking meat or fish and other foods, and when individual cakes have color requirements.

Aluminum foil paper is not only suitable for ordinary barbecue food, baked food, and even traditional beggar chickens use aluminum foil paper to wrap and bake, which is clean and hygienic while maintaining the original flavor. Since metal aluminum affects the development of the brain, the surface layer of the current aluminum foil is coated to avoid the release of metal aluminum.
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