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Bake Cookies on Aluminium Foil

DATE: 28 Dec,2021
Baking is more and more popular in our daily life. People concerned that whether it is good or healthy to bake cookies on aluminium foil. Why people bake cookies on aluminum foil?

Some cookie recipes call for the cookie sheet to be well greased on the aluminium foil. Others call for cookies to be baked on parchment paper. Both have their benefits and will depend entirely on the type of cookie you're making.

Baking on a greased cookie aluminium foil sheet will result in a crispy cookie that bakes quickly. Cookies baked on parchment will be soft and moist with a lighter colored bottom. Baking on aluminum foil produces a cookie that fits right in between crisp and soft, with a nicely browned bottom.
As well as using aluminum foil to bake a cookie that's nicely browned while still moist, it is easy to clean up in kitchen.

Does it need to lower oven temperature when baking on aluminium foil? Whenever bake cookies on aluminum foil, you need to turn the oven temperature down by 5 degrees. Why? Heat conducted on the foil means the cookies will bake faster and hotter. This can result in a dark cookie…and it's easier to burn cookies at a higher temperature on foil!

Does it need to grease aluminum foil? Of course. This prevents any sticking from happening. Just lightly grease the foil, otherwise the butter will burn if you use too much.

Always use Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil. When buying aluminum foil for baking, always look for the heavy duty aluminum foil. Look for sturdy baking foil in kitchen specialty stores. Then line with heavy duty aluminum foil, leaving a two-inch edge so you can easily remove the entire bar from the pan after baking.

Now are you clear you can bake cookies on aluminum foil? And how easy it is, are you ready to use foil more often when baking up your favorite flavor of cookie.
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