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Cling Wrap

DATE: 22 Aug,2023
Cling wrap, also called cling film, cling film wrap or cling wrap plastic, is a kind of plastic packaging product, which is usually made of ethylene as the masterbatch through polymerization reaction. 

Cling film can be divided into three categories: the first is polyethylene, referred to as PE; the second is polyvinyl chloride, referred to as PVC ; and the third is polyvinylidene chloride, referred to as PVDC. In our daily life, PVC cling film and PE cling flim are widely used. PE cling film is cheaper than PVC cling flim, and thus more popular.

Cling wrap are widely used in family life, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants, and food packaging in industrial production, microwave food heating, refrigerator food preservation, fresh and cooked food packaging and other occasions.

As one of the cling wrap suppliers in China, Zhengzhou Eming Aluminium offer some common sizes of PVC cling film and PE cling film for your reference:
Size Net Weight Core Weight Packing Box Size (cm) Carton Size (cm) Cube
10mic×30cm×15m 0.055kg 0.07kg 24 rolls/carton 5×5×31 31.5×21.5×31.5 0.021m³
10mic×30cm×30m 0.11kg 0.07kg 24 rolls/carton 5.2×5.2×31 33×22.5×32.5 0.024m³
10mic×30cm×50m 0.185kg 0.1kg 24 rolls/carton 5.5×5.5×31 34.5×23.5×32.5 0.026m³
10mic×30cm×100m 0.37kg 0.18kg 24 rolls/carton 8×8×33 34.5×25.5×17.5 0.015m³
9mic×45cm×609m 3.03kg 0.52kg 4 rolls/carton 13×13×50 51.5×27.5×27.5 0.039m³
9mic×30cm×914m 3.03kg 0.48kg 4 rolls/carton 16.2×16.2×35 36.5×34×34 0.042m³
Besides cling wrap, we also supply aluminium foil products, such as aluminum foil, foil containers with lids, pop up foil sheets and hair salon foil rolls.
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