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Popular Aluminium Foil for Hair UK

DATE: 09 Jan,2024
Are you on the lookout for top-quality aluminium foil for hair that stands out in the vibrant world of hairdressing? Look no further! As a leading manufacturer with 10+ Years of experience, Zhengzhou Eming Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd. takes pride in introducing our exceptional line of British hair foils to dealers and distributors who appreciate the value of premium styling tools.

As we all know, common hair foil brands in the UK include Procare, Salon Services, and Reynold. Now let's see some further details together:

Procare - Setting Industry Standards:
Known for setting industry standards, Procare is synonymous with quality and innovation. Our British hair foils, inspired by the excellence of Procare, bring you unparalleled precision in hair coloring and styling. Choose from a range of sizes, including 100mm x 100mm tablets and 150mm x 300mm sheets, ensuring versatility for all your salon needs.

Salon Services - Elevating Elegance:
Salon Services is a name associated with elegance and sophistication in the hairdressing realm. Our aluminum foil for hair, crafted with the same finesse, is available in common sizes such as 125mm x 250mm sheets and 120mm rolls. Elevate your styling experience with the trusted touch of Salon Services.

Reynolds - Timeless Quality:
With a legacy of timeless quality, Reynolds has been a trusted name in the industry. Our British hair foils, inspired by the durability and reliability of Reynolds, come in various sizes, including 150mm rolls and 200mm x 200mm sheets. Experience the tradition of excellence with our Reynolds-inspired hair foils.

The aluminium foil for hair produced by Zhengzhou Eming Aluminium Foil Company boast dimensions carefully designed to meet the diverse needs of hairstylists across the UK. Choose from a variety of lengths, widths, and thickness options, ensuring a tailored solution for every styling preference. Our standard thickness of 15-20 microns guarantees optimal performance and durability.
Size ( L×W ) Thickness Rolls/Carton Cube
30m×120mm 12 - 20 Microns 24 0.01m³
30m×150mm 24 0.01m³
50m×150mm 24 0.02m³
60m×150mm 24 0.02m³
100m×120mm 12 0.01m³
100m×150mm 12 0.01m³
100m×100mm 12 0.01m³

Besides, our commitment to sustainability is reflected in eco-friendly packaging options, minimizing our impact on the environment.

As a manufacturer dedicated to excellence, Zhengzhou Eming Aluminium Foil Company invites dealers and distributors to join us in bringing the pinnacle of styling innovation to salons across the UK. Contact us today to discover the perfect aluminium foil for hair that enhances your styling prowess and delights your clients.
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