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Pros of Aluminium Foil for Food Packaging

DATE: 21 Jan,2022
Aluminium foil for food packaging has many pros. For example, it is lightweight, flexible and easy to recycle. In addition, it is hygienic, non-toxic and helps maintain the aroma of food. It keeps food fresh for a long time and provides protection from light, UV radiation, grease, water vapor, oxygen and microorganisms.
In short, pros of aluminium foil for food packaging:

1. It is sterile and therefore hygienic.

2. It is tasteless and tasteless.

3. It is extremely dimensionally stable even in the soft state.

4. Aluminium foil for food packaging can be recycled many times without loss of quality.

5. Aluminum foil does not absorb liquids.

Zhengzhou Eming Aluminium Industry can manufacture various thickness aluminum foil. Different thickness of aluminum foil is suitable for different products. Depending on the thickness, aluminum foils can be used in a variety of food packaging.
Films from 10 to 12 microns are ideal for chocolate and confectionery, while films from 30 to 38 microns are used in the dairy industry, such as for packaging desserts, puddings and yogurt. However, for jams and pies, 50-70 µm foil is the right choice.

The current trend is for foils to be thinner and thinner due to cost reductions. The average thickness of chocolate foil is between 7-15 µm, which is smaller than the diameter of a human hair.

However, bare aluminum foil is not suitable for all foods.

Choosing the right packaging film helps to optimally protect the product and extend the shortest shelf life.

However, with aluminum foil, this is only guaranteed if you don't touch particularly sour or salty foods. Under the influence of acids and salts, aluminum ions dissolve and enter the food.

Therefore, it is not recommended to use bare aluminum foil for the packaging of the following products: acidic foods such as apples, tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, sauerkraut, salted herring, sliced citrus fruits, marinades containing vinegar or fruit acids, etc. and alkaline foods such as baking lye pastry before baking.
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