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Pros of Household Aluminum Foil Rolls

DATE: 07 Jan,2022
In recent years, people's awareness of environment, hygiene, health and safety has increased exponentially. Inspired by this awareness, most modern kitchens and homes are now ideally equipped with food packaging products that are not only environmentally viable, but also help to pack and keep food warm and fresh for longer.

Among these food packaging products, household aluminum foil rolls are the most popular. The reasons are as follows:
1. Net Saving of Resources
Aluminum foil in food and beverage packaging applications saves more resources than its production. Various life cycle assessments (LCA) indicate that aluminum foil packaging and household aluminum foil have less than 10% impact on the environment during the product life cycle.

2. Barrier Protection
The complete barrier of aluminum foil to light, gas and moisture is the main reason for its use in flexible laminates for food, beverage and technical applications. Even if it is very thin, it can perfectly protect and preserve the aroma and product characteristics. It helps to extend the service life of sensitive products for months or even years, and completely retain the original aroma. By allowing products to be stored for a long time without refrigeration, aluminum foil packaging helps prevent deterioration and saves a lot of energy.

3. Lightweight and Space Saving
The economy of transportation and storage stems from the lightweight, flat or roll form of empty packaging. For aluminum foil containers, their nested shape is particularly suitable for filling machine magazines. Aluminum foil helps save resources during packaging, product and waste transportation. By allowing products to be stored for a long time without refrigeration, aluminum foil packaging can save a lot of energy. Their shape can make them very "space-saving" in storage and display, thereby further saving energy and costs. Aluminum foil is light in weight and versatile, which can minimize the amount of packaging materials required.

4. Recycling
Aluminum foil is completely recyclable, endless, without any quality loss. Compared with primary production, the energy required for the aluminum recycling process is reduced by 95%, which is equivalent to saving a lot of emissions. Modern separation technology enables aluminum foil in domestic waste to be extracted and recycled at a fraction of the original energy cost.
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