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Which Side of Aluminum Foil should Face up Shiny or Dull?

DATE: 13 Dec,2021
Aluminum foil has become an indispensable food packaging material in people's lives in today's society. Whether roasting or grilling some fresh vegetables in a neatly packed package or folding a leftover pizza slice for later use, it is the perfect solution for almost any kitchen situation.

Many people might be confused when using aluminum foil rolls. Which side of the aluminum foil should face up, the shiny side or the dull side? Zhengzhou Eming Aluminium, as one of the professional aluminum foil manufacturers and suppliers in China, will tell you the answer.
In fact, no matter which side, both sides do the same work in cooking, freezing and storing food, it makes no difference which side you use aluminum foil unless you use non-stick aluminum foil.

The non-stick aluminum foil actually has a protective coating on one side, so it is better to put the food on the side marked "non-stick" for maximum efficiency.

Now have you clear which side of the aluminum foil should face up?
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